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2018 Nebraska Select

USA Basketball  Player Certification Page

All Nebraska Select Athletes (15U - 17U) planning to participate in an NCAA Certified event

must register on the NCAA BBCS System. Do not hesitate to do this.  It needs to be done now.


Step by Step PLAYER REGISTRATION Information

  Step 1 - Open the NCAA BBCS Manuel. It will open in new window. - CLICK HERE 

This manual has complete step by step visual instructions and rules for registering as an athlete. (Athlete information can be found  starting on pages 38 - 50.)

New 'Select Players' to the program go to Step 2A below.                  Returning 'Select Players' go to Step 2B. 












Step 3 - Once you have completed the registration process your Nebraska Select Coach will 'INVITE' you to participate!  The email will be to YOU from your titled' NCAA Basketball Certification System (invitations). Once you receive the email please click the accept button.   Once you click the accept button you will then be listed on that teams list of eligible players for any and all AAU summer tournaments. 

If you have questions about the above, please contact Doyle immediately.


Step 2B - ***IMPORTANT:  Returning Nebraska Select Players - click here to RENEW your previously created BBCS account from last season.  Do NOT create a new account.  Simply 'Sign In" to your existing account with last years email and password.  Once you are in please update the information on your profile page.  Make sure to save or update it before logging off.  Do NOT select the Register as a New User button.  You do not want two accounts. 

Step 2A - New Nebraska Select Players - click here to go directly to the login/registration page! Once there click on the 'REGISTER as a NEW USER' button and begin filling in the information. 

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