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Our Programs Core Values

Player Development - The development and advancement of individual and team skills of all participants through practice and games is at the core of what we are attempting to accomplish.  We will strive to provide as many opportunities as possible to develop and showcase our player's ability at the highest level.


Sportsmanship - We expect that all participants in our program, including players, coaches, and parents will conduct themselves with respect and a positive, constructive attitude toward the game and toward each other.  Nebraska Select Basketball expects all participants to exhibit winning without bragging, losing without complaining or making excuses, treating referees and opponents with respect, encouraging teammates, respecting the decisions of the coaches, officials, and the hard work of our opponents.  Without this fundamentally positive and respectful attitude, attempts to accomplish any of our goals are undermined. 


Competition - Competition and the desire to win are essential elements of Nebraska Select Basketball.  This is based on our belief that competition is an important part of player development, personal growth, and that playing to win is an important part of competition.  We recognize, however, that much can be learned from any competition, win or lose. 


Hard work and Discipline - Will be how we are known.  "Discipline is defined as doing what has to be done, when it has to be done, as well as it can be done, and then doing it that way all the time." - Bob Knight


Fairness and Transparency - Our process and management will be fair and transparent.  Merit, skill, positive attitudes, and hard work will be rewarded.  Our selection process for our teams and coaches will be managed in a clear, direct, and open way.  Not everyone will agree with every selection or decision.  We will strive to ensure that the process by which selections or decisions are arrived at are fair to the whole and transparent to all.


Our One and only rule: DO RIGHT!

Do right by your family, community, coaches, and the Nebraska Select Basketball program in everything you do.  Above all DO RIGHT by yourself!


"Discipline yourself, so no one else has to!" - Pat Summitt


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