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2018 Nebraska Select

USA Basketball Coaches Registration Page! 


COACHES LICENSING INFORMATION - Do not wait. Please begin the process asap.


All Nebraska Select coaches that plan to sit on the bench during an NCAA Certified Event are required to obtain a USA Basketball (USAB) GOLD License and register with the BBCS.  Coaches without the USAB Gold License will not be able to participate in any NCAA Certified Events or create rosters on the BBCS.


Step 1 - Click herefor detailed application instructions manual, with visuals from USA Basketball to receive a USA Basketball (USAB) Gold License. New coaches information can be found beginning on page 30.   Returning coaches information can be found beginning on page 34.


New Nebraska Select Coaches to the program go to Step 2A.


Returning Nebraska Select Coaches to the program go to Step 2B.





If you have questions, please contact Doyle immediately. 

Step 2BReturning Nebraska Select Coaches (DO NOT CREATE A NEW USAB ACCOUNT), click here and SIGN IN.  If you received a USAB Gold License in 2017, you must use the same username and password to RENEW your USAB Gold License.  If you obtain a new license, then it will not auto-validate in the BBCS & will delay your access to the BBCS for 2018.

Step 2A New Nebraska Select Coaches to the program must create a USAB ACCOUNT, click here to begin the process. There are videos to watch and questions to be answered.  It does take some time, please begin in mid-March. The cost to register goes up the closer we get to May. 

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